Special thanks as well as additional members of the team. 
Programmer: Jack Perkins aka KidPerk (YouTube) KidPerk11 (TikTok)
MusicianThomas aka MelaninSenpai (instagram)
SENTINEL is a 2D Platformer loosely based around the short story by Arthur C. Clark, as well as the exploration platforms of the late 90’s to early 2000’s. The player is set in an alternate future in which an alien base was discovered during the 1969 Moon Landing.

When creating the design work for the game I found it most important make it rescalable through vector. I used the geometric and technological aesthetic of Vector to my advantage while also maintaining a sense of depth by mixing gradients, flat color blocking, and geometric patterns. I also really wanted the base to feel as if it was a living ecosystem so I was influenced by the organic shapes of plants and animals and meshing them into a techno organic design.

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