Sam C. is a  hypothetical Southern Gothic Musical artist from Kansas. His music typically focuses on topics of industrialization slowly impeding on the land. When designing the albums I wanted them to symbolically tell  a chronological story of isolation and decay. For the first album, “Right Deed for the Right Reason” I used the image of a lone cabin house to give the perspective of isolation and somberness. I also used Western Wood Type along with photo overlay to mimic relief style print that are often common on albums of this genre.

On his second album “The rubble”, it shows the inside of this cabin, destroyed and overcome with nature made from the collaging of two to three different photos. The color palette has remained similar to the first album in order to keep it cohesive. The back of the album shows the meshing of industrialization and nature and the slow decay of the two together, as if this cabin was left to rot.
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